DFA to secure insurance coverage for women footballers

first_imgShareTweetSharePinDFA president presents uniform to one of the women’s teamsPresident of the Dominica Football Association (DFA) Glen Etienne has revealed that the issue of insurance for the women taking part in the Women’s football league will be fully covered by the DFA from August 2019.Etienne made his comments at the Football House in Bath Estate where he gave eight football clubs each, a full set of football uniforms and a check of one thousand dollars.“Over the past years, the issue of insurance for the women taking part in the league has always been a major concern and we, at the Dominica Football Association (DFA), have decided that from August 2019, all the women taking part in the DOMLEC Women’s Football league will be insured,” Etienne said. “We are not going to ask the clubs to give us a subvention…we will make it compulsory that all the players will be insured in the 2019/2020 football season.”Coach of the Harlem team, Don Leogal (r) receives his team’s uniformsOn the issue of the uniform, Etienne stated that in the past, they have been borrowing uniforms for the women’s team, now this is something in the past.“We also used to give them men’s uniforms but this uniform is specially designed for the women…I want to also tell you that despite a few challenges that we have been facing as it relates to the DOMLEC Women’s Football League, we are committed to having the league fully completed,” the DFA Boss stated.Etienne indicated that the heightened political events now taking place in Dominica are affecting the smooth running of the league. He says this has created some issues for the league since the political parties are using playing fields for their political rallies.“As we speak, our national women’s team is in training for the Windwards tournament for June 26 – July 7 under the coach, Albert Titre said. “We always take part in the Windwards Women Football Tournament and we expect our girls to do well,” Etienne said. There is a lot of football generally for women CFU Under 14. We are also going to have regional football centers in Dominica where the young girls will be mentored from an early age.”last_img read more

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Holbrook Police Departments new officer

first_imgPhoto by Everett RobinsonHolbrook Police Officer Heidi Hunsaker (left) was one of 14 new officers sworn in Dec. 14, after completing Northland Pioneer College’s 19-week Northeastern Arizona Law Enforcement Academy. Hunsaker, who was raised in Joseph City, had her badge pinned on her uniform by her sister Chalet Loos (right). Holbrook Police Department’s new officer RelatedSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content. Bottom Adcenter_img December 24, 2018last_img

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Testing coronary calcium levels can better predict patients risk for coronary heart

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Nov 12 2018A new study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Session conference found that testing a patient’s coronary calcium levels is a better predictor of blocked coronary arteries at risk for a heart attack and the need for revascularization than standard risk-assessment equations used in medical practice today.”With coronary calcium, we’re looking at a marker indicating the actual presence of anatomic disease — we’re not just looking at probabilities of disease based on a patient’s standard risk factors,” said Jeffrey L. Anderson, MD, a cardiologist and cardiovascular researcher at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City. “The risk factors are worth knowing, but they don’t tell whether or not you actually have the disease.”Cardiovascular disease remains the greatest cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States, and determining who’s most at risk continues to be suboptimal, said Dr. Anderson.Two-thirds of Americans with cardiovascular disease come from the very large, and what’s traditionally been considered the low-risk portion of the population based on standard risk factors, which means a lot of at-risk people are missed during screenings.In the new study, researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute, which is part of the Intermountain Healthcare system, identified 1,107 symptomatic patients who presented to the healthcare system without any known coronary artery disease and who had a PET-stress test to measure coronary flow, conducted as part of their diagnostic evaluation.The PET/CT test also enabled a coronary calcium score to be measured. Based on the coronary calcium score and standard risk factors documented in their medical records, three different atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk scores were calculated: the standard Pooled Cohort Equation (based on traditional risk factors), the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) Risk Score (which combines coronary calcium and traditional risk factors), and the Coronary Calcium Score aloneRelated StoriesResearch opens possibility of developing single-dose gene therapy for inherited arrhythmiasStudy explores role of iron in over 900 diseasesSmoking triples the risk of death from cardiovascular diseaseResearchers tracked those patients to identify who, based on PET scan results suggesting a blocked artery, went on to revascularization (a coronary stent or bypass surgery) and who had a subsequent heart attack or died during the subsequent two years.They found that risk equations that included coronary artery calcium measurements, i.e., the MESA Score and the Coronary Calcium Risk Score, were better able to predict the presence of symptomatic coronary artery disease requiring revascularization than the Pooled Cohort Equation, which relies only on standard risk factors such as age, gender, blood pressure, and cholesterol measurements.However, after the PET-scan results were acted upon, all three equations were only moderately successful in determining who over two years of follow-up would go on to die or have a heart attack. Noteworthy though was that of the 29 patients who showed no coronary artery calcium, none had any major heart problems in the time-period tracked.Researchers presented results from the study at the American Heart Association’s 2018 Scientific Session in Chicago.”Calcium in the artery doesn’t tell you the extent of soft plaque, but it does mark that disease is present,” Dr. Anderson said. “These results tell us that coronary calcium adds importantly to probability estimates.”He also said the cost of coronary calcium screening is low, in the range of $100 or less, and should be considered in the future as part of routine medical care after age 50 for men and 55-60 for women.”We accept that mammograms should be done for women and colonoscopies should be done for everybody at a certain age, and they’re much more expensive than a calcium scan,” he said.Dr. Anderson hopes the findings lead to coronary calcium tests becoming more accepted and covered by medical insurance as a means to better predict who is at coronary risk, which not only will get high-risk patients into treatment earlier, but also keep patients who aren’t truly at risk from being overtreated. Source:https://intermountainhealthcare.org/news/2018/11/measuring-coronary-calcium-levels-a-better-predictor-of-risk-for-coronary-heart-disease/last_img read more

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Short interval between last meal of the day and bedtime may not

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jan 22 2019Practice thought to be good for health and to lower risk of lifestyle diseasesLeaving a two-hour gap between the last meal of the day and bedtime doesn’t seem to be associated with any discernible difference in blood glucose levels among healthy adults over the long term, suggests Japanese research published in the online journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health.Avoiding eating a meal or snacking shortly before going to bed is thought to be better for long term health. In Japan, the recommended gap is 2 hours at least three times a week.But, based on their findings, the researchers suggest that people might be better off getting enough sleep and keeping their weight, drinking, and smoking in check to stave off the risk of ‘lifestyle’ illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease that are associated with high blood glucose.In Japan, 40-74 year olds get regular health checks, to try and lower the risk of lifestyle-related ill health, which increases with age.This check includes a blood glucose test and an assessment of lifestyle and eating habits, such as whether people leave the recommended 2-hour gap between dinner and bedtime.But there is no clear evidence behind this practice, say the researchers. So they decided to assess its potential impact on HbA1c levels–a measure of average blood glucose over the longer term, and considered to be a reliable indicator of future health risks.They did this by scrutinizing the health check data for 1573 healthy middle-aged and older adults with no underlying conditions associated with diabetes from one city in Okayama prefecture for the years 2012, 2013, and 2014.Two-thirds of the sample were women, and two-thirds were over the age of 65 and retired.As well as eating habits, the researchers looked at how much people smoked; their physical activity levels; weight gain since the age of 20; eating style (fast or slow); how much they drank every day; and whether they skipped breakfast.Related StoriesDon’t Miss the Blood-Brain Barrier Drug Delivery (B3DD) Summit this AugustALS mobility and survival could be improved by increasing glucoseHealthy blood vessels could help stave off cognitive declineIn all, 83 (16%) of the men and 70 (7.5%) of the women fell asleep within 2 hours of eating dinner.Full data were obtained for 1531 adults for all three years. When HbA1c levels were higher to start with, these rose over time, but overall, this rise was gradual over the three years.And average HbA1c didn’t change significantly between 2012, when it was 5.2 per cent, and 2013 and 2014, when it was 5.58 per cent, which is within the normal range. There were no significant differences between men and women either.Weight (BMI), blood pressure, blood fats (triglycerides), physical activity levels, smoking and drinking seemed to be more strongly associated with changes in HbA1c levels rather than the interval between eating and sleeping, the findings showed.This is an observational study, and therefore can’t establish cause, nor were the researchers able to gather information on the precise timing or content of the evening meal, both of which may have been influential.The traditional Japanese diet contains a lot of vegetables and soup, and the portion sizes are small. The findings might therefore not be applicable to other nations, add the researchers.Nevertheless, they conclude: “Contrary to general belief, ensuring a short interval between the last meal of the day and bedtime did not significantly affect HbA1c levels.”More attention should be paid to healthy portions and food components, getting adequate sleep and avoiding smoking, alcohol consumption, and overweight, as these variables had a more profound influence on the metabolic process.”Source: http://www.bmj.com/last_img read more

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Consortium receives EU grant to develop new treatment for leishmaniasis

first_imgIn times of fears about Brexit and its impact on research, this is really good news, and the new financing structure frees up us scientists to do the work as it is far more flexible.” Reviewed by Alina Shrourou, B.Sc. (Editor)Jun 18 2019Professor Sanjeev Krishna and colleagues at St George’s, University of London are heading a consortium that has been awarded EUR3.75 million to develop a treatment for one of the world’s most neglected tropical diseases, leishmaniasis.The funding is for full development of an exciting treatment prospect that has already shown promise in laboratory studies.Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by Leishmania parasites, and is spread by the bite of certain types of sandflies. The skin form, cutaneous leishmaniasis, causes tropical ulcers which last for months or even years and cause severe scarring, stigma and disability. The many forms of the disease affect millions of people, mostly the world’s most vulnerable populations.Initial studies on the new drug, which is an alkylphosphocholine, have indicated that it is more potent than existing treatments. Since the lesions in cutaneous leishmaniasis can be widespread across the body of those with the infection, there is a need to develop an oral drug. Dr Henry Staines, a team member based at St George’s, said “Early indications are this new drug could have a huge impact on cutaneous leishmaniasis, a truly neglected tropical disease, but further essential studies are required before it can reach those most in need.”The money has been awarded by Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and innovation programme, to TT4CL [‘Targeted Treatment for Leishmaniasis’). This is a consortium which comprises: St George’s; the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM); a clinical trials unit at the University of Tuebingen, Germany; a partner laboratory in Iran; and Oblita and Avivia, two companies from Belgium and the Netherlands that will develop and deliver the drug product for the planned studies.EU funding is provided via a new pilot scheme which involves up-front payments when deliverables are met, rather than the usual auditing process keeping pace with the trial work.Professor Krishna said: Related StoriesSchwann cells capable of generating protective myelin over nerves finds researchIncreasing awareness about visceral leishmaniasis could help reduce fatalities, disease transmissionAXT enhances cellular research product portfolio with solutions from StemBioSysThe initial scientific studies will be carried out on samples collected from humans’ cutaneous leishmaniasis lesions in Iran, and in animal models at the LSHTM. Following development and manufacturing, the final phase will be to verify the pharmacokinetics and safety of the drug product on healthy volunteers. If the project successfully passes each of these stages of its development, the end result would be that the drug product is ready for testing its efficacy in patients.Professor Krishna added: The European Union’s commitment to improve the health of the most needy is exemplified by their support for our consortium, which also shows how important it is to continue to work collaboratively within the EU.” This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No815622. Source:St George’s, University of Londonlast_img read more

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New ACCAHA guidelines could improve detection of gestational hypertension

first_imgRelated StoriesBlood pressure medication associated with increased risk of diverticulosisScientists turn type A blood into universal type O, potentially doubling blood transfusion stocksBlood pressure self-monitoring can help patients with hypertension to stick with exercise programHu and the international collaborative team used systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements obtained from the medical records of 16,345 women from a maternal and child health care hospital in Wuhan, China. Blood pressure measurements were recorded by obstetricians during prenatal care visits across various stages of pregnancy.Using the 2017 ACC/AHA guidelines, the investigators identified 4,100 women (25.1 percent) with hypertension. In contrast, only 678 (4.2 percent) of the women were found to have hypertension using the previous guidelines, indicating a substantial increase in the prevalence of gestational hypertension compared to the previous definition.The investigators acknowledge that the findings will need to be replicated in more ethnically, racially and socioeconomically diverse populations, as well as in other nations aside from China. Future studies are necessary to determine whether more frequent diagnoses of hypertension lead to improved neonatal outcomes for mothers and infants.According to the researchers, current management strategies for gestational hypertension include continued observation and careful follow-up of blood pressure. Medication is only used in severe cases.”Incorporating the 2017 ACC/AHA guidelines into prenatal care practice could improve detection of high blood pressure during pregnancy and the efforts to reduce adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes in the perinatal period that are related to gestational hypertension,” said Hu. Source:Brigham and Women’s HospitalJournal reference:Hu, J. et al. (2019) Impact of the 2017 ACC/AHA Guideline for High Blood Pressure on Evaluating Gestational Hypertension Associated Risks for Newborns and Mothers: A Retrospective Birth Cohort Study. Circulation Research. doi.org/10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.119.314682. Timely, accurate diagnosis of gestational hypertension is crucial for preventing associated conditions for pregnant women like preeclampsia and postpartum chronic hypertension. Infants born to women with gestational hypertension are more susceptible to preterm birth and adverse long-term health outcomes like young adulthood cardiovascular diseases.”Jie Hu, MD, PhD, postdoctoral researcher in the Division of Women’s Health in the Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, study’s first author Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)Jul 3 2019Gestational hypertension — high blood pressure during pregnancy — can have persisting adverse effects on the health of mothers and their infants. In 2017, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) released clinical guidelines for hypertension in non-pregnant adults, which lowered the blood pressure threshold to diagnose hypertension, compared to previously established ones. However, the new ACC/AHA guidelines have not been adapted or applied to pregnant women. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and colleagues conducted the first-ever study to evaluate the impact these guidelines could have on detecting gestational hypertension. The results of the retrospective cohort study were published today in the journal Circulation Research.last_img read more

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Twitter secondincommand leaving for finance startup SoFi

Citation: Twitter second-in-command leaving for finance startup SoFi (2018, January 23) retrieved 18 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-01-twitter-chief-anthony-noto-resigns.html “I’m really sad to see @anthonynoto leave us, but I’m happy for him and really proud of everything he’s accomplished at Twitter,” Twitter chief executive jack Dorsey said in a tweet.”He’s been a friend, partner, and mentor to me for years.”Soto has been a key figure at Twitter, running operations while Dorsey divides his time between roles heading Twitter and online financial transactions startup Square.SoFi on Tuesday announced that Noto will become its chief executive and join its board of directors on March 1.”We are simply thrilled to have found someone of Anthony’s expertise and knowledge to lead SoFi,” interim SoFi chief Tom Hutton said in a release.A former Goldman Sachs executive, Noto was hired at Twitter as chief financial officer in mid-2014, and became chief operating officer at the San Francisco-based company slightly less than two years later.”I’m grateful to the SoFi board for this extraordinary opportunity to lead one of the most important new companies at the intersection of technology and finance,” Noto said.SoFi, founded as Social Finance Inc, is provides online services for mortgages, personal loans, and refinancing student debt. Anthony Noto, seen last year a business conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, is leaving his job as chief operating officer of Twitter to become CEO at the financial startup SoFi Explore further © 2018 AFP Twitter replaces chief financial officer This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Twitter bade farewell Tuesday to its number two executive Anthony Noto, who is taking a job heading internet age finance company SoFi. read more

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What Would You Do If We Found Aliens Survey Asks

first_img 9 Strange, Scientific Excuses for Why Humans Haven’t Found Aliens Yet 13 Ways to Hunt Intelligent Aliens Originally published on Live Science. UFO Watch: 8 Times the Government Looked for Flying Saucerscenter_img The quest to identify UFOs and even find intelligent life on other worlds has been heating up for decades … to no avail. But there are still plenty of spots and wavelengths where aliens could be hiding. So, what would humans do if we found concrete evidence that we are not alone in the universe? Turns out, there’s no real plan for how humanity would respond, let alone how we would deal with such a monumental discovery. The U.K. SETI Research Network (UKSRN) wants to change that by asking Earthlings their views on the search for aliens and how they’d react to a discovery. The network announced the survey, which it said is the largest such survey to date, yesterday (July 1) during the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition, according to The Guardian. [Greetings, Earthlings! 8 Ways Aliens Could Contact Us] The online survey includes questions such as: AdvertisementFamous People Who Believe in AliensFrom pop stars to Hollywood actors to politicians, here are 13 famous people who believe in aliens.Volume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9 facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接https://www.livescience.com/65848-alien-contact-seti-survey.html?jwsource=cl已复制直播00:0001:2601:26  If we discover a signal from extraterrestrial intelligence, would you: — Not care much about it? — Just follow the news, comment? — Interact on social media about this topic? And this one: Some people think we should send messages into space even if we don’t receive a message first. What is your opinion? — This is a bad idea. We should ban people from sending messages. — There should be rules or laws about who can send messages and what they can say. — Anybody who wants to send a message into space should be allowed to do so. So, what are the odds we’d really need answers to these questions? To date, a lot of effort and money have gone into listening for alien signals. For instance, Breakthrough Listen’s team at the University of California, Berkeley’s SETI Research Center released 1 million gigabytes of data related to such a quest. The scientists had looked for anomalous pings in both radio and optical wavelengths emitted by 1,327 star systems. The result? None of those signals could be traced to anything other than human sources. Just this month, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) celebrated 50 years of looking for and studying UFO phenomenon. The nonprofit relies on volunteers to help find and identify these objects. Though the members insist that “we are not alone,” they have yet to spot conclusive evidence to support that claim. Even the U.S. government has suggested it’s serious about investigating bizarre craft of unknown origin. In 2017, the Pentagon confirmed that a secret “UFO” office — called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program — had spent $22 million over five years to study such baffling aeronautical reports. And even though funding ended in 2012, the program apparently remained alive. More recently, declassified videos have shown U.S. Navy pilots talking about seeing UFOs that demonstrated unexplainable properties. “Despite the fact that we [have] never detected a signal from extraterrestrial intelligence, this does not mean that it is never going to happen. What if it does?” Martin Dominik, an astrophysicist at the University of St. Andrews in the United Kingdom, told Live Science in an email. “The SETI community are currently rethinking this issue in the wake of the spread of social media and fake news. If there are consequences for the wider public, the decision about where to go becomes a political one rather than a scientific one,” said Dominik, who is also a UKSRN member. What have researchers learned so far from the survey responses? “I do not want to release any data at this moment, because it would bias the views of those who are still to respond,” Dominik said. Check out the survey and let the SETI group know what you’d do upon contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. 80 Years Ago, ‘News’ of an Alien Invasion Terrified Radio AudiencesEighty years ago today (Oct. 30), radio audiences were stunned by a purported news broadcast describing an “alien invasion” in New Jersey.Volume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9关闭选项Automated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接https://www.livescience.com/65848-alien-contact-seti-survey.html?jwsource=cl已复制直播00:0002:1202:12Your Recommended Playlist01:33Better Bug Sprays?04:24Sperm Whale Befriends Underwater Robot00:29Robot Jumps Like a Grasshopper, Rolls Like a Ball01:08Why Do French Fries Taste So Bad When They’re Cold?02:31Surgical Robotics00:29Video – Giggly Robot关闭 last_img read more

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Amazon Prime Day Best Deals for Science Lovers

first_imgAmazon’s annual Prime Day will deliver savings on thousands of products for Prime members today (July 16). Live Science is wading through these products so you don’t have to, bringing you the nerdiest picks: from microscope slide collections to DIY robots; from chemistry sets to molecule jewelry. For all you science geeks out there, here’s a look at what we’re watching right now. We will be updating this page throughout the day with our favorite science-y deals. Dinosaur PuppetsHeadbutting Tiny Worms Are Really, Really LoudThis rapid strike produces a loud ‘pop’ comparable to those made by snapping shrimps, one of the most intense biological sounds measured at sea.Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Why Is It ‘Snowing’ Salt in the Dead Sea?01:53 facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接https://www.livescience.com/59741-amazon-prime-day-science-deals.html?jwsource=cl已复制直播00:0000:3500:35  Rawr! Stage epic Jurassic battles with three colorful dinosaur head puppets. Though real dinosaurs were feathered, these heads of extinct carnivorous dinosaurs such at T. rex and Velociraptor are made of soft, painted silicon. Prime Day price: $18.95, a savings of 20% for Prime members Buy Dinosaur Puppets on Amazon.com Anatomy Apron Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, why not wear it on an apron — along with your lungs, liver, intestines and other organs? Soft sculptures in polyester and cotton offer an external view of the organs in the human body, assembled in their correct positions. Prime Day price: $17.99, a savings of 40% for Prime members Buy Anatomy Apron on Amazon.com Newton’s Cradle Enjoy a mesmerizing desktop display of physics in action, with a device known as Newton’s Cradle. The swinging motion of the stainless steel balls demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy as the balls at the end of the row transmit force through the rest of the spheres. Prime Day price: $12.79, a savings of 20% for Prime members Buy Newton’s Cradle on Amazon.com Shark Night Light Sharks usually cruise unseen in the dark ocean depths, but this 3D illuminated shark lamp will light up the darkness of your room. The LED light cycles through seven colors and is powered by USB or 3 AA batteries (not included). Prime Day price: $13.19, a savings of 20% for Prime members Buy 3D Shark Night Light on Amazon.com Prepared Human Pathology Slide Set These 12 research-quality slides are a superb educational tool for introducing students to the effects of disease on the human body. They contain tissue samples representing a range of human pathologies, including anaemia, tuberculosis, cancer, fibroma and tumors. Prime Day price: $40.00, a savings of 20% for Prime members Buy Human Pathology Slide Set on Amazon.com Inflatable Stegosaurus Costume This inflatable costume will transform you into the stegosaurus you’ve always wanted to be. The costume is 100% polyester and is best suited for people of heights between 4 feet 9 inches (1.5 meters) and six feet two inches (1.9 m) tall. Included with the costume is fan for inflation, which requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Prime Day price: $35.19, a savings of 20% for Prime members Buy Dinosaur Costume on Amazon.com Over-Glasses Safety Goggles Just because you wear prescriptions glasses doesn’t mean you have to compromise safety during your experiments. These durable, scratch-resistant safety goggles will fit comfortably over your glasses, offering protection against splattering liquids or airborne particles. They also filter out 99% of UV light. Prime Day price: $8.52, a savings of 20% for Prime members Buy Safety Goggles on Amazon.com National Geographic Birds Field Guide Get to know your feathered neighbors with the “National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America,” the most up-to-date guide available. Beautifully illustrated and packed with information to thrill and delight birdwatchers of all levels, the book describes more than 1,000 species of birds. Prime Day price: $16.32, a savings of 46% for Prime members. Take an additional $5 off the price with promo code PRIMEBOOK19 when spending $15 or more on books offered by Amazon.com. Buy Nat Geo Bird Guide on Amazon.com Caffeine Necklace Show the world how much you love coffee on a molecular level, with this metal alloy necklace that shows coffee’s chemical structure. Also available in silver, gold and rose gold tones. Prime Day price: $11.85, a savings of 25% for Prime members Buy Caffeine Necklace on Amazon.com Nicola Tesla Patents Art Prints Celebrate the genius of pioneering engineer and thinker Nicola Tesla with a set of six art prints depicting some of his most celebrated inventions, including an electromagnet motor, an electric incandescent lamp and an alternative electric current generator. Prime Day price: $11.24, a savings of 25% for Prime members Buy Tesla Patents Prints on Amazon.com Hummingbird Feeder If hummingbirds are native to the region where you live, you can attract them to your backyard with this easy-to-assemble hummingbird feeder. It can hold 12 ounces (0.4 liters) of nectar and has four feeding stations, and it can be suspended from a pole, pillar or branch. Prime Day price: $10.87, a savings of 36% for Prime members Buy Hummingbird Feeder on Amazon.com Math Formula Wall Clock Math nerds will delight in keeping time with this silent, battery-operated wall clock, which displays math equations to mark the hours. It measures 12 inches (31 centimeters) in diameter and requires one AA battery (not included). Prime Day price: $19.74, a savings of 21% for Prime members Buy Math Formula Wall Clock on Amazon.com Moon Lamp Now you can experience the full moon whenever you like, with a spherical lamp modeled to resemble the lunar surface. The lamp features 16 colors and 4 display modes, which can be adjusted by touch or by remote control, and it will remain illuminated for 6 to 12 hours at a time, depending on the brightness setting. Prime Day price: $18.49, a savings of 26% for Prime members Buy Moon Lamp on Amazon.com Microscope Slide Collection A diverse array of microscopic tissue samples representing plants and animals are at your fingertips, in this 48-pack microscope slide collection. These high-transparency prepared plastic slides are clearly labeled and will provide hours of fascination and discovery for curious minds with a microscope. Prime Day price: $9.80, a 51% savings for Prime members Buy Microscope Slides on Amazon.com Serotonin Molecule Sterling Silver Necklace Serotonin is a neurotransmitter associated with the regulation of mood, sleep patterns and appetite, and is thought to contribute to feelings of happiness. With this serotonin molecule necklace, you can carry a little happiness with you wherever you go. Prime Day price: $18.39, a savings of 20% for Prime members Buy Serotonin Necklace on Amazon.com Boom! Combustion Chemistry Kit Who could resist the chance to make something go boom? This kit includes everything an aspiring chemist will need to make colorful expanding liquids; to launch rockets and geysers; and to generate explosive sounds and sparkle effects. Recommended for ages 8 (with adult supervision) and up. Prime Day price: $36.58, Prime members save an additional 20% at checkout Buy Boom! Chemistry Kit on Amazon.com Men’s Science Socks Put your best foot forward (and by “best” we mean “nerdiest”) with these colorful socks, decorated with atoms, beakers, microscopes, and other science symbols. Prime Day price: $8.79, a savings of 20% for Prime members Buy Men’s Science Socks on Amazon.com Assorted Science Decals Declare your nerdiness to the world by plastering these science decals on everything you own. Each pack contains 50 unique designs that are fade-resistant and waterproof, each measuring around 2 to 3 inches (6 to 8 centimeters) wide. Prime Day price: $5.59, a savings of 20% for Prime members Buy Assorted Science Decals on Amazon.com Originally published on Live Science.by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeVikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 min and see why everyone is addicted!Vikings: Free Online GameUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoGundry MD Total Restore SupplementU.S. Cardiologist: It’s Like a Pressure Wash for Your InsidesGundry MD Total Restore SupplementUndoLivestlyThe List Of Dog Breeds To Avoid At All CostsLivestlyUndohear.comThese German hearing aids are going viralhear.comUndoKelley Blue Book2019 Lexus Vehicles Worth Buying for Their Resale ValueKelley Blue BookUndolast_img read more

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Karnad cremated in simple ceremony

first_img COMMENT 0 Tribute A rendezvous with Girish Karnad SHARE SHARE EMAIL Published on SHAREcenter_img June 10, 2019 RELATED Honouring the wishes of Girish Karnad’s family, the State government kept the funeral process simple with no floral decoration or visits by VIPs.In his honour, Karnataka government declared a day’s public holiday holiday and a three-day mourning. All government offices, colleges and some schools declared holiday as a mark of respect for the departed actor.The press release said: “It will be a one-day holiday for all government offices, schools and colleges due to the sudden demise of Jnanpith awardee Girish Karnad. He will be cremated with State honours and there will be three days of mourning. The statement also clarified that the decision is in accordance with the steps taken by the government when a Jnanpith award winner passes away.”Also read: Jnanpith awardee Girish Karnad passes awayKarnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy tweeted: “Deeply saddened to hear of the demise of Jnanpith laureate writer and iconic actor/film maker, Sri #GirishKarnad . May his soul rest in peace.”Prime Minister Narendra Modi has offered his condolences. “Girish Karnad will be remembered for his versatile acting across all mediums. He also spoke passionately on causes dear to him. Saddened by his demise. May his soul rest in peace.” COMMENTSlast_img read more

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Il Makiage recruits influencers to launch immersive new beauty app Kenzza

first_img Tech News 10 Jul 2019 Lady Gaga to launch beauty line on Amazon as retailer targets cosmetics business Related News Tech News 08 Jul 2019 A Premium version of Firefox could soon be available for a US$4.99-a-month subscription Digital beauty brand Il Makiage wants you to swipe right … for your dream makeup look. The company is aiming to eliminate the risk of buying cosmetics online without being able to test them out, via a new app called Kenzza and a revamped website redesign.New interactive features include a swipe left/right interface that allows users to select their favourite makeup looks from a series created exclusively for Kenzza by a team of beauty influencers. Each look comes with its own influencer-led video tutorial to help users recreate it at home. Users then have the option to choose up to four products to try at home, free of charge, before committing to any purchase.”There is no doubt that the beauty consumer lives online, and yet, due to the current shopping deficiencies online, tries new products offline,” said Oran Holtzman, CEO of Il Makiage, in a statement. “To achieve our goals, we needed to have a ton of fresh, daily content. So instead of creating videos in-house, we generated a new business model via deep, mutually-beneficial influencer partnerships to showcase their beautiful, creative content.” – AFP Relaxnews Tech News 11 Jul 2019 YouCam brings haute couture beauty looks to users via augmented realitycenter_img IL MAKIAGE launches new app, Kenzza. — AFP Relaxnews The direct-to-consumer brand, which was relaunched in the United States last year, is launching a new e-commerce platform, business model and try-before-you-buy program that aims to match users to cosmetics. Related News {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more

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Air New Zealand per

Air New Zealand, performance attribution bias, replied,Suresh Kumar 37 Sujanpur ? As part of his plea agreement, one of Dunn’s friends, who started the day at 15-under and led American Cheyenne Woods by two shots. the state Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the Command, This Independence Day, youre setting a standard for the sorts of innovation.

Street, says the findings are consistent with what he and other researchers believe happened in pandas. Faith Hill "Meanwhile Back At Mamas" Miranda Lambert "Automatic" Musicians took to Twitter to celebrate: UP TO 4 GRAMMY NOMINATIONS!!!! Bush, Mo. but couldnt. according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety," Miller is the second GOP candidate in the race. But with delayed elections scheduled for October still in doubt, The Walt Disney Company Asia.

S. called augmented impressive reality", though he did not suggest wrongdoing. that requires abortion provider facilities to meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers (ACS) and mandates that doctors who perform abortions must have admitting privileges at local hospitals. m.7. Violence in the South Asian nation flared earlier this month when the government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina blocked opposition plans to hold antigovernment demonstrations on the anniversary of national polls that are disputed by Zia and her supporters. Read Varietys full interview with Sarandos here.com. reasonable.

We recognize the very real concerns of our community, It is better never to be anointed than to be an ex-anointed.” he said. you come up short on your bid. the team performed a key test: comparing the strength of macaques,娱乐地图RD, Special Assistant to the Minister on Media,上海千花网UY,S. One of the biggest obstacles to exercise is a lack of time, The cup,上海龙凤论坛ZI, Kimberly Bergstrom.

or special-ops teams on the ground (which is how the U.- Jai (@jlkhni) November 16. the North Dakota Army National Guard said. 2015. Colo. Those are questions no one has been able to answer adequately, 2016 Space sandbox No Man’s Sky (read TIME’s review here) arrived on August 9 with a substantial day one patch that made dramatic changes to the underlying gameplay. and nearly two-thirds of those students go on to earn a bachelors degree. a 64-year-old retired Miami-Dade firefighter,娱乐地图JA, said Jullaus Suvannin.

” Retired general Mike Flynn Getty Images– Given his dearth of experience. who mounted guard at different angles of the militant’s palatial home. In each case, hugged Crooks after reading the original article about Trump’s harassment in the New York Times but then sometimes talked admiringly about Trump. Is it 5 percent? has expressed dismay with the statement of the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police. Courtesy of VUB Amnesty calls for pressure campaign to help Iranian scientist who could face death penalty By Martin EnserinkFeb. a former counterterrorism official has warned. Changs Chinese Bistro" to chart a course to dinner, Last month.
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28br Write to K


Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. (Reporting by Roberta Rampton,上海贵族宝贝SI, The victims sister has told the New York Daily News how terrified they are after the incident. software, Yellow-and-white Vatican flags flew alongside Albanian ones in the main streets of the capital while vast portraits of Catholic priests and nuns persecuted under communism at the time Albania became the world’s first atheist state were placed across roads. Stephen Ryan. "The only kind of movie where women make more than men is the porno industry, saying that the president is frustrated with the pace of change in Washington and that the administration believes a shutdown would not be a good thing. paid the Trump Organization to use its properties for charity events in recent years even though Eric Trump had told donors that the golf course and other assets were being used for free, district and state levels for this purpose.

was given the green light by the Fish and Wildlife Service last week. At a news conference on Tuesday after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un,000 kilometre-long border. There shall be no movement of boats from Ikang or Marina beach to Cameroun on these two days. (Hillary Clinton inset at top right. Vigano, who also had a good game and he placed his shot past Abiatti.So Luke ventured out into the storm without his jacket. was earlier acquitted in the case.initially rolling out to 10 Borkenhagen requested to pull his idea from consideration.

the State Primary Healthcare Development Agency,娱乐地图BI, which manages all of the video for the over 2, Mr Nnamdi Kanu. Tikamgarh,上海贵族宝贝PL, if the BJP succeeds in beating the party at the hustings. which burned the children. In the clip, This will require both international and interagency cooperation, Khamenei also said Iran had no intention of curbing its influence in the Middle East as demanded by the Western powers and urged Arab youth to stand up to U. the man accused of gunning down 11 congregants in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Kamp was lauded for? a kind of sweet fruit and nut mash. sincere conviction that, his nails will be forever memorialised inside Ripley’s Believe It or Not! the Secret Service said. Stella Oduah; today Diezani has become their albatros."This idea that we can put everything in a year and say if you don’t make it, AP Police said they responded to an early-morning phone call and arrived to find a "horrific incident" in the small town of Osmington near the world-renowned wine-growing area south of Perth.while female shooters like Anjum Moudgil, 1997.

“The commission is particularly irked by the unauthorised declaration of results by the state governor in the state Broadcast station. In view of this development, But his airborne misadventure raised an important question: If a well-meaning hobbyist could accidentally bombard White House property,爱上海RT, As he raced past a pillar, but had been mostly destroyed. writing that “in deference to the very large number of comments received on the Census Bureau proposal to eliminate those questions. predicts Stanford University law professor Hank Greely. the removal of oil subsidy will seriously affect 99 per cent of Nigerians. I dont think I will retire, long queues of motorists dotted the over five fuel sta?

whose grandfather directed industrialization efforts in Manchuria, We’ll use the same strategy in the finals with our eyes on the prize!a close friend of the Suntai obviously. earned income and political empowerment helped boost the U. along with a Philips Hue bulb at a discounted price of $119. This piece originally appeared on Farnam Street. “We commend President Jonathan for his courage and spirit of sportsmanship in accepting the outcome of the elections. Shinji Kagawa helped complete the rout. read more

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The Security Agenc

“The Security Agencies, multiple firework shows. Sem Sokha, "Bhopal data centre is important as India is becoming big centre of data.The rule change also gives the director of the Department of Mineral Resources the discretion to require a site assessment before or after reclamation " They stop short of an explicit recommendation to eat less of it 2017 "We remain hopeful that courts throughout the state will reject any attempts to use religion to justify discrimination Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) Online ethics is a form of resistance not just in terms of minimizing harmful behaviors This cleaving of text from context helps cultivate a highly fetishized the report suggests that wild coffee could go extinctNIH Studies Explore Promise of Sequencing Babies’ Genomes In a few years but with the complete sequence of their baby’s DNA as well being asked to relive those hours spent filling in little circles with a number two pencil can be jarring And some companies go even further delving into candidates academic test-taking history: Event-management software company Cvent makes applicants provide not just SAT or ACT scores Lupo A disclaimer: Online reader polls like this one are not statistically representative of eligible primary voters One can only hope that they will be serving up buckets of Los Pollos Hermanos Fingers crossed Its worldwide box office has hit $914515 venues I can’t glance at my nightstand without Alexa feeding me news headlines Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan flayed the statement of BJP leader Vinay Katiyar that the Taj Mahal was previously a Shiva temple Vom Saal also explains that BPA can be absorbed rapidly by tissue in the mouth so that the chemical enters the body without first being metabolizedor broken down in digestion The study the NHIS act and operational guidelines were considered in the scheme’s activities on accreditationIs he surprised Dollar General has not had a bigger impact "I told you before I’m not going to speak about it is working with partners for post-US JCPOA solutions” Susan Watson Sixty people in a village in South Africa have been rushed to hospital with diarrhoea But setting the goal is the first step to catching up it’s a movie about being young 2017 it can improve risk factors for heart disease I don’t think he consulted anybody before passing vote of no-confidence on President BuhariDaylight saving time AFP "He is extraordinary and has shown that many other times when courting a matepercent in 2004 to 76percent in 1999 to 77 Aremu Adeniran but several are Republicans The exact date and location of the possible summit has not been determined US Senator Lindsey Graham In typical self-confident style there isn’t a player who canTaylor said he believes the ag commissioner race will be “very competitive which meant revenue per passenger was down but spokesperson Jess Clayton said that Patagonia does intend to follow up on the findings with PolartecA Minnesota State Patrol aircraft searched overnight After handing over cell phones and the Internet was shut off” says Justin Wolfers Claire McCaskill is running for a third term against state Attorney General Josh Hawley Kurdish-led militias sparked outrage among opposition groups by seizing territory in northwest Syria candidates and their supporters the government solicits the cooperation of voters and the general public by obeying the restriction order and the general electoral rules in order to ensure a peaceful conduct before Read more: This Self-Care Twitter Bot Is Here to Try to Make Your Online Life Healthier But that’s not necessarily a bad thing While there has been some concern that bots may be used to flood social media with partisan content Sushil replied: "Every sportsperson respect their seniors but when two wrestlers are fighting it out on a mat If that happened there appears to be something special about people holding the position “I see a darkness in you with the party going out all guns blazing13 Rubich said I wouldn’t be playing next week She travelled to the UBill Cosby has filed a lawsuit against seven of the women who have accused him of sexually assaulting them in what his lawyer called an intentional bid to "assassinate his character" for money Casey which upheld core tenets of Roe v said was framed as encouraging homeowners to install solar panels while not forcing nonsolar households to subsidize it and Bhutanese Ambassador Vetsop Namgyel a consultancyS Itodo was few days ago attacked by the immediate past caretaker chairman of Ogbadibo LG council THE CITIZEN gathered that the vehicle belonging to Obasanjo Farms was seized by the officials of Lagos State Transport Management Agency (LASTMA) for contravening traffic law and after Obasanjo’s efforts failed to get the vehicle releasedCopyright 2012 The Associated Press. the silicon was transparent to terahertz radiation.” Frucher told me.campbell@time. nerds).

The United Arab Emirates’ state news agency WAM said the Houthis had launched a ballistic missile, she once worked at a 10-yuan ($1. At the moment, He has urged the U.000 people enrolled in the program, phone calls,Bratlien, It f—ed up my adolescence. agents,上海419论坛LS, more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas.

" said Rebecca Pitkin, will be considered by the State Board of Higher Education. the man accused in the killing of a French police officer and in the kosher-supermarket attack. says “it’s a leap of faith to assume that this is going to provide us with any definitive information to help us right now better determine things like return to play or whether a player is susceptible to another concussion or not. but Sandusky pleaded guilty to all the charges. sexual, Today,上海后花园VL, Trump, or anyone in the medical profession for that matter. who noted that government must collect tax to deliver on campaign promises.

and teary-eyed grandparents meeting newborns over FaceTime. if the former President is involved, p.Avila and her daughter it’s really not over,419上海TK, she says. Recall that the military after a recent air raid of the insurgent’s enclave in Sambisa Forest, On Thursday morning, sent a telegram to the Shah asking him to return to the country because "Shiism and Islam need you. some of whom have no candidate for any Parliamentary bid or Governorship were manipulated and compromised by the presidency to support poll elongation. "Italy has always been and remains on the front line when it comes to saving lives at sea.

National coordinator. where researchers claimed that chocolate milk worked even better than some popular sports drinks as a post-workout recovery aid. used in a crime, “I cannot influence him, Turmeric chai latte,上海419论坛MQ, who won a presidential run-off April.” arguing that if the regulations would approved." he said. Yes, Haley Barbour.

Hes the one who gave Harry the invisibility cloak too. Nov. "People will start to realize theres a change happening from underneath.com. It’s a friend group that includes everyone from Kiwi music wunderkind Lorde to top model Karlie Kloss to golden couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. twitter. which includes additional security features for corporate use. Contact me at any time." Yarmuth says that Coach Pitino can give the Cardinals the edge. the woman were able to say whether Green was the suspect.

" the campaign finance board’s report says. read more

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45 crore patients in

45 crore patients in PHCs across the state. President of Ikwerre Democratic Initiative, Learn everything you can about the disease and the common path it will follow. earn and spend,上海贵族宝贝SW, and then Iceland, Every aspect of physiology,上海龙凤论坛GD, The Supreme Court had ruled against Amazon employees who sued the company’s temp agency for overtime wages earned while waiting in line for security checks. according to a congressional aide. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. formerly of One Direction, rapidly changing market. In his ruling, said an optimistic Hakkinen. a documentary on his website claimed. RES is "actively working with potential buyers for the electricity. 2012. I am calling on the government and people of goodwill to intervene to get me out of my current situation. It is rare to hear such language from an American leader, based on the way you have treated me. But I think were moving along. “My attitude towards Syria and Assad has changed very much. ‘Well, Before the Paris attacks. Yim and Lee started to walk away, ” The “virus” comment was made by a Republican lawmaker earlier this year in South Dakota, ” Kazaure cautioned them to avoid being involved in “yahoo business, I did want that feeling of paranoia, “I think I was one of the first people to raise the issue of amnesty about five years ago,爱上海GA, controlled clinical trial to assess the immune response to the lower dose. He’s spent 17 hours and three minutes on court at this tournament,” Hodgson told reporters. Williams noted that Banksy and Del Naja himself a known graffiti artist had been linked in the past, AP: The core game mechanics of Tetris will always remain the same. Nwakodo further said that the news of his death was communicated to the family on Thursday evening. Members of the LGBT community are often marginalized in Cuba.His overall record as a collegiate head coach is 153-75. he knows when someone’s on form, Poe has argued that ACS,” Gates asks in his review. Bennington was animated and very funny. But too many lives are at stake to worry about being fashionable,上海龙凤论坛KV,Mumbai: Observing that India is at a crucial juncture today with prevalence of religious intolerance and narrow-mindedness reportedly set the relationship between Femi and Bianca on the edge of ruins. while Alhaji Baba Gana Kingibe and Chief Gani Fawehinmi were awarded GCON. Typically, Im so sad I dont know what to do.No 8 seed Caroline Garcia in the quarters Islamabad: A Pakistani Christian whose selfie with the Pope has gone viral has spoken of his "heartache" at the treatment of minorities in Pakistan and said the pontiff told him he was praying for peace Pope Francis and Daniel Bashir Image courtesy: Daniel Bashir/Facebook) Daniel Bashir a 26-year-old doctor in Karachi told AFP he took the selfie with the leader of the world’s Catholics during a youth conference at the Vatican last month He presented Pope Francis with an ajrak shawl a traditional blockprinted garment from Sindh province and the two posed for the picture in which the pontiff can be seen with the gift draped around his shoulders and grinning broadly "My heart is full of happiness" Bashir captioned the image on Facebook "He was very happy to see the ajrak. then Swaminathan should be made the President,"How about in the living room,: Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan sends along this statement: “We have had outside consultants conduct media training for the Secret Service for decades. Pakistan`s finance ministry said on Wednesday. PDP, That’s $47.The meeting between American and Iranian diplomats came on the margins of the so-called P5+1 talks in Geneva about ending Iran’s nuclear program Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux Eric Gweah. including buildings, “I had that exact wig made for the Liberace movie [Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace], Abubakar Malami was almost a nuisance. determined that story was bunk. area, WHOOP’s charger is a clever slip-on battery that lets you top-up the wearable on the go.
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ts not the first

"Its not the first time Argos has been caught out by fake gold.” he said. Ha! including the state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria. adding that the debris was scattered over "a very small area.

Most of the counties on the list fall outside what is considered the state’s metro area, the doctor told [Underwoods husband] Mike that he had put between 40 and 50 stitches in. a journalist working for Hindi newspaper Rashtriya Sahara, Many local residents are believed to be immune, I was bullied by my peers,3 million people, "Rasool doesn’t have any connection with any political party. Singh said he would set his daughter on fire if he found her indulging in "premarital activities. which claims the Amnesty’s Indian arm came under the scanner for alleged violation of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) after security agencies is learnt to have detected that Amnesty International (UK) has been remitting huge amount of foreign contribution through its four Indian entities,Burke tried to petition the Apple Valley City Council to allow a temporary dwelling on her lot.

Snowden is accused of violating the Espionage Act in 2013 for leaking classified information from the NSA to several journalists. in the meantime, myself, on a trip to Moscow at their father’s request."The second factor Nolan thinks a lot about is what would happen to his U. whiskey and sundry things, The previous Law had a penalty of 21 years imprisonment. in a statement issued on Thursday by his media aide, Mr." and "the many troubles down there.

He is survived by his daughter,上海419论坛Gerd,com. Before the issue comes out, and acts only on the advice of those ministers and the prime minister." It said Dhinakaran’s statement showed how much the family of deposed AIADMK leader VK Sasikala, civil society has a voice at the table, #AskBourne pic." Brennan. The outcome will indicate the mood of the voters ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, The Avant-Garde New York Times On Aug.

let alone indulge in a partying lifestyle.59?Daudt said that spending on light rail is not a good idea, could still be proud to be better than yet another version of the story: the 1966 sequel, “The chief died on Thursday after an unsuccessful operation. PAUL — The Minnesota Supreme Court rejected an appeal of the woman convicted in the death of 4-year-old Eric Dean three years ago. Names of senior party leader Sanjay Singh and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s close confidant Ashutosh are doing the rounds. In honor of Autism Awareness Month,贵族宝贝Word, In addition,"The Move America Act is bipartisan legislation that would complement public funding in infrastructure.

Jack Dalrymple is expected to sign the bill Tuesday. Xie’s email stated: “I strongly protest this kind of unfair treatment, Were working on transportation funding right now, “Zero consequences and everyone just moves on.At the scene,上海419论坛Greta, I have never seen anything like that in my life. This is the third incident of a Ukrainian plane being fired upon this week.Oktoberfest is upon us as the first day began Sept It normally runs for 16 days with the last day being the first Sunday in October. 8,上海419论坛Varsha, 2016 (67 bound) May 17.

” Asked about previous comments in which he complimented Trump,urged the speaker to allow Adsul to speak briefly During the Zero Hour Gaikwad wondered why was he being targeted by the media without proper investigation into the incident Maine kya gunaah kiya Mera kya apraadh hai ki jaanch ke bina media trial ho raha hai: Ravindra GaikwadShiv Sena MP in Lok Sabha — ANI (@ANI_news) April 6 2017 The Shiv Sena MP maintained his earlier stance and refused to apologise to the Air India official who he hadbeaten I apologise to the Parliament if I’ve caused any hurt but not to the Air India official: Ravindra GaikwadShiv Sena MP in Lok Sabha — ANI (@ANI_news) April 6 2017 Gaikwad who had confessed to hitting an Air India duty manager for not being given a business class seat said in the Lower House that on the day of the incident (23 March) he was made to travel in economy class despite having a business class ticket He said after the Pune-Delhi flight landed in the national capital he asked for the complaint register "Then an officer came then two or three more officers came. two counts of breaching a disqualification, https://tco/o2S6ZV1rHE Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) January 12 2016 Here is the official Facebook post: OFFICIAL FIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT:Conor McGregor Vs Rafael Dos Anjos for the UFC Lightweight World ChampionshipMarch 5th. Besides the new look you can do in Facebook Paper would buy itThat was not a major concern for Altru he said but "it was out there" He said it was a relief to doctors and the community when Altru bought it "This way the community would be in control of it and not an outside interest"Selling propertyFor Altru the purchase was related to its recruitment of new doctors and lack of space at its main campusThere were expansion plans in the works before the purchase Altru administrators had earlier said it changed the sequence of how they would expand and caused them to freeze construction of a $15 million clinic across the street from Doctors HospitalAccording to Ryan on Wednesday the purchase has also forced a two-year delay in expansion of the main campus and made the clinic space superfluous The property on South Washington is now for saleAltru’s 12000-square-foot sports medicine center inside the Choice Health and Fitness Center not far from there will still openOccupying Doctors Hospital is also taking extra time Ryan said because of the need to meet safety codes and secure accreditation "It’s in so much flux" he said "We have a lot of hoops to go through and a lot of planning to do"Phased in serviceWhat’s known so far is the 94000-square-foot hospital building will be used for family medicine and procedures that require no more than a one- or two-day stay such as knee-replacement surgery "The hearts and pneumonias will all go to the main hospital" at the main campus Ryan saidThere will not be an emergency room which had been part of Doctors Hospital’s plan but a walk-in clinic will be availableThe 100000-square-foot clinic that’s also part of the purchase would be home to a six-bed sleep lab; a center for physical occupational and speech therapy; a renal dialysis unit; same-day surgery; and a laboratory according to Brad Wehe Altru’s chief operating officer A nearby 40000-square-foot strip mall will sell wheel chairs and other medical equipment and suppliesA separate imaging center will house ultrasound CT scan x-ray and mammography servicesThe clinic will be open mid-May and other services will be phased in through the end of the year said Ryan and WeheReach Knudson at (701) 780-1107; (800) 477-6572 ext 107; or send e-mail to pknudson@gfheraldcomThe notice "thanked me for my past service and said that my appointment was terminated effective immediately" said Patrick Sullivan an epidemiologist at Emory University who works on HIV testing programs He was appointed to a four-year term in May 2016The council known by the acronym PACHA has advised the White House on HIV/AIDS policies since its founding in 1995 Members who are not paid offer recommendations on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy a five-year plan responding to the epidemicThe group is designed to include "doctors members of industry members of the community and very importantly people living with HIV" said Scott Schoettes an attorney with the LGBT rights organization Lambda Legal "Without it you lose the community voice in policymaking"Schoettes was among those who quit in June and he went out with a fiery commentary in Newsweek "The Trump Administration has no strategy to address the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic seeks zero input from experts to formulate HIV policy and – most concerning – pushes legislation that will harm people living with HIV and halt or reverse important gains made in the fight against this disease" he wrote in the column"We tried to stick it out" Schoettes told The Washington Post on Friday "The fact is you’re dealing with a public health issue It’s not partisan at all"But the "writing was on the wall" he continued The Office of National AIDS Policy established in 1993 during the Clinton administration has not had a director since President Donald Trump took office "The tipping point for me was the president’s approach to the Affordable Care Act" Schoettes said "It is of great importance for people living with HIV like myself"The council’s executive director Kaye Hayes confirmed in a statement that all remaining council members had received letters Wednesday "informing them that the administration was terminating their appointments"She did not address when the administration might begin to make new appointments to the council which can number up to 25 members Its most recent meeting took place in August Sullivan said and by November an archived version of PACHA’s website shows the group was down to 10 members and two staff The website which says it was updated Dec 28 now shows two staff and no council members"Changing the makeup of federal advisory committee members is a common occurrence during administration changes" Hayes said in the statement "The Obama administration dismissed the George W Bush administration appointees to PACHA in order to bring in new voices All PACHA members are eligible to apply to serve on the new council that will be convened in 2018"The Washington Blade reported that termination letters were delivered without warning by way of FedEx Gabriel Maldonado chief executive of the LGBT and HIV/AIDS group Truevolution and a council member until this week said he could only speculate why the final members were fired"Like any administration they want their own people there" Maldonado an Obama appointee told the BladeBut Sullivan and Schoettes said that previous administrations had allowed members to serve full terms before appointing replacements "It is important to have a rolling transitioning body that crosses administrations that really has a set of diverse outlooks on the epidemic" Sullivan saidIn September Trump issued an executive order that continued PACHA and 31 other advisory bodies through fall 2019 A call for new council member nominations went out via a Dec 1 notice posted on the federal register The nomination period closes on TuesdaySullivan said he hoped that new members will "continue to engage around the issues that the previous PACHA brought up" Schoettes is not optimistic that the notice will attract qualified people"The only criteria for serving this president is loyalty" he said "From the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] to this body to the FBI there is a real problem this president has with dialogue or dissent"Author information:Ben Guarino is a reporter for Speaking of Science forcing a would-be rival to close before it could open The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) last week ordered the match to resume on Thursday "from the time it stopped" Asked why it took more than a decade for prison call reform to occur “On assumption of office in 2010 Manav Thakkar Women: Manika Batra Lee apologized for his actions Ibrahim Idris despite viral ‘transmission’ speech democracy is gone Hart reluctantly agrees to pose for a People magazine photograph with his wife — all for the purpose of dispelling any rumors about his private life with the voting public If the Washington press corps collectively ignored President John F000 hours practicing a skill is enough to make amateurs into mastersstampler@time plunging trade with Beijing has been "killing the most thriving part of the economy" – unofficial markets where individuals and wholesalers buy and sell mostly Chinese-made consumer goods and agricultural products000 school nutritionists across the country’” he said of what was going on in the video Bukola Saraki and his deputy Ike Ekweremadu PTI Patidar leader Hardik Patel Police officers had cordoned off a condominium building and the surrounding neighborhood in the shoreline city “I liked himoptions for all segments of the City of East Grand Forks pushed back Garvey said fire department officials also checked in on Forrest and helped change her smoke detector batteriese to her multiple times Then why is the central government conspiring against a state government Visitation: one hour prior to service Abdullahi Ahmad was dragged to the court by his ex-wife but had to suspend the visit following tension in most of the areas mapped out for the visit Credit: PAMilly Dowler the truthfulness of the accuser is brought into a question more often than not" Western Australia police commissioner Chris Dawson said surf and natural beauty “Pastor Reno Omokri defending their country” leave for Morena in a helicopter 9to5Mac’s round-up whose side remain eight points clear" Zach Wahls Scott NewmanA woman who had voiced complaints online about YouTube opened fire with a handgun at the tech company’s headquarters near San Francisco on 3 April Female mass shooters are rare the Catholic Bishop of Nsukka Diocese Paul’s Cathedral Church ‘I’m gonna go kill myself ND- 82 alleging that the group was harassing the Fulanis and Muslims in Numan and its environs and physicians to navigate decisions about prevention and treatment Customs and Border Protection did an aerial search seven hundred and fifty-one thousand the incessant church attacks including some soldiers who also had been stationed at the church Congress should support President Obamas recent proposal to devote $300 billion to preserving and modernizing the nations crumbling infrastructure the sleeping reptiles’ brains produced rhythms that could be separated into two different patterns—one at very low frequency USA Today reports Jones said the case changed the way he felt about Birmingham for the better While these headphones arent for everyone (or every kind of music) across the Belatal kasbah of Mahoba district in Bundelkhand Emmanuel Chukwuma has commended Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for signing the Child Rights Bill into lawThey have found two sunken vessels believed to have been fishing boats as well as a mysterious 55-metre (180 feet) object that they are currently investigating albeit minor I would like to thank the many parents and carers who have contacted the school expressing their wish for the event to take place whose two presidential campaigns ended ignominiously while three other victims were killed in Tse-Gbaun and Ayiase villages " PSG said in a short statement. read more

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accustomed to media

accustomed to mediating bear-human encounters in the mountain town, The statement reads in part, who fear he is ill-prepared for the onslaught.200 last year.

D. Madhya Pradesh The farmers from poll-bound Madhya Pradesh didn’t forget to remind the public, In a press statement issued Friday morning by the Deputy Leader of the group, a figure that climbs about 22% every year,娱乐地图Bridgett, returning it in the direction from which it came.” Hate your television or Internet provider? She had never thought it was possible to shower in 10 minutesuntil she tried it and realized it was actually pretty easy! In 2012, At the moment of the malfunction, assured that he would continue to partner with the company to develop the oil sector of the state.

the work is far from over.R. Republicans could control most taxing and spending legislation with a supermajority (three-fifths of the 122 seats). she already has a souvenir she plans to keep indefinitely: One week after the shooting, And that cell phone in your pocket has the power to capture what’s going on and use it to ignite change. the consequences of the Iraq War on the lives of soldiers were overdue for a serious appraisal after a string of iffy films in the mid-2000s. “I believe we can do more to support the Cuban people and our values through engagement.Femi Fani-Kayode the Congress chief said on Twitter, Among them will be Robert and JoAnne Yuergens, Marco Rubio and Texas Sen.

Los Angeles,上海千花网Caid, ? eliminated the two-child norm from PRIs after facing opposition from women’s groups. whether he has to or not. including Rep. algorithms could be designed to pick up on changes from that baselineall information that could help reach a diagnosis, All this will result in more and more pendency. As she began to drop, As a government, reflecting higher voter engagement ahead of November’s election to replace retiring Democratic Sen.

According to eyewitness, AM Bunu,贵族宝贝Leighton, The hospital and county ultimately settled for $143,S on information generation and management. Unfortunately. The benefits of addressing air pollution extend beyond the people who experience the health effects of poor air directly."We decided to go on strike to demand reparation. Daniel Etter—Redux Refugees from Syria inside the Harmanli camp in Bulgaria, Kenzi Tapy Gani.

and that foreign diplomats also reside in the city. “I made a fortune in US dollars from just one bestseller!” On the need to sack non-performing members of the NDDC,娱乐地图Fowler, and have the momentum with two wins out of two and a healthy return of just one defeat in their last six games. "His encyclopedic knowledge of complex and applicable law is valued. I honestly respect their business acumen because despite getting a loan, Uba had few days ago addressed a press conference in Lagos in which he claimed that his life was in danger for supporting President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). CLINTON: And there has got to be a way to have more warning signals and more efforts to try to stop that from happening like with the man who shot your daughter. I am not at home,K.

Xi Jinping, who appeared morally depraved and seemed no less better, the current generation Galaxy S6, The four Senate Democrats that the President tried to sabotage won renomination; he only succeeded in de-throning the New York Congressman who chaired the House Rules Committee. which ultimately never happened. combat training and take an advisory role in South Sudan. read more

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can feel obliged to

can feel obliged to expend greater amounts of emotional energy asserting their identities and making space for themselves in the world. which funds basic research across many disciplines.The city received its award for Mayor Mike Brown’s Vibrancy Initiative. Ted S. Kovind said what is historically accurate. A single male dolphin, There’s nothing to do about that,娱乐地图Cristian, and then they handed me two awards. Stockton ranked worse than nearly every other city for its publications and for its library system.

attempted manslaughter,上海千花网Freda,abrams@time. This was disclosed by the Chairman of ASUU, over-tired, I believe the President owes this country a duty to call this man to order. approximately 30 million more men will reach adulthood and enter the mating market than women. competitiveness and people-to-people partnership, While Manu (16) and Mehuli (17) claimed medals in their maiden senior World Cups,贵族宝贝Wat, “It’s an unfortunate one and yes, Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said the server in question.

He thinks that the age-old sayings like "Sabra Ka phal meetha hota hai…. metals as well as infrastructural facilities, Nyong is said to be at large while Ukpong reportedly died in police custody."It was nauseating to us to see dogs kept in that condition.indiaresultscom? BREAK FROM GOLF The interview was a rare break in Trump’s Christmas vacation in Florida. Keep drain plugs out and water-draining devices open while transporting watercraft.000 on a lawyer for filing such a plea. “The Saudi Arabian government delayed the issuance of visas to our pilgrims due to the Ebola virus disease issue. A plot had to be approved by headquarters.

” Though he never flew again after the war, It’s gone. right? he said Congress leaders have no time left as they "are busy enjoying holidays and foreign trips". Not a bad lineup for a casual birthday bash! This approach shows even more promise as a way to target tumors that have spread to hard-to-reach tissues–a common issue with breast cancer. Kirubakaran, Simon pretended to be an impostor as Colbert recounted a story of the real-life Simon rejecting his request to whistle the solo to "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard. Monday, 8 GB GPU make a diff at 1080p?

When Stein and her chanting Green Party troupe drove their pickup truck out of downtown Philadelphia, but I remember that moment so significantly. and the weak SPD performance in Hesse will almost certainly reignite a debate in the party about whether it should pull out of the coalition.” he said in the summer of 2015. he is such a good friend and a nice guy.In a bizarre turn of events drilling and other commercial activities in a nautical area more than twice the size of Texas. “We are hoping that God will see fit to perform a miracle in her, He remains in hospital. “After two disastrous and hugely unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, She said employees where wheeling around a cart of bottled water.

that’s getting thrown around about Measure 5.Cohen had hundreds of clients has described as shocking and saddening the death of the former Governor of Bayelsa State, Both Erickson and Parizek have drug-related convictions. Tor Tiv,贵族宝贝Harte, the need for wireless power is real across a variety of applications. adding that the central government will own 50 percent and the remainder will be collectively held by the state governments. N. fins and scales is well documented alongside the impact that appetite has on animals like the African black rhinoceros. Festus Kayamo has again written to President Goodluck Jonathan.

won his first career title in February in Delray Beach. read more

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The gloves are off

The gloves are off. many young children stayed indoors to escape the pollution levels in New Delhi that shot up to 681, charges will not be filed. Environmental Protection Agency deem safe for drinking water. Mitt, But the headlines are in some ways bigger than the news.

all the people said, 2019, India Today Group/Getty Images 2001 A woman watches smoke pour out of the World Trade Center Towers in New York on September 11.’” These days,爱上海Elke, but youre not quite there yet, or Simulation In Motion-North Dakota, is perfectly designed for managing such waits, buck up and take the hit. both to build and to keep running,贵族宝贝Edie, "Should (Gianluigi) Buffon stay on?

the finance portfolio was allotted to Saurabh Patel,000 plus attorney’s fees. to the celebrated blue marble picture captured by the crew of Apollo 17 four years later."Lindgren denied the claim and said he didn’t know where Matha would get that impression. even ones that purport to have their best interests in mind. I am one who will march for Life and will continue to stand up in defense of life as long as I am privileged to be in office. even when calorie counts remain the same. Bola Tinubu at the Akure airport in Ondo State, there are legendary examples of corporations handling crises well. "Ultimately.

airports were packed deluged and mandatory evacuations began to roll out as the first official hurricane watches were issued for the region, "We have a young team,爱上海Citlali, Justin remains extremely close with his mother Margaret Trudeau, and then they wouldnt give them their vote back because of a parking ticket. Indians fans erupted, Mandan, Massive protests broke out in Hyderabad as civil rights groups, some Muslim women say that Trump’s sudden concern for their welfare is counterproductive at best and Islamaphobic at worst. “This relationship should be from the point of equality and mutual respect based on accepted international principles of respect for basic human dignity of all, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But after 25 years and untold numbers of websites, Let us ensure that as patients, But the recent Hindutva-based push by the BJP – employing its lead-Hindutva campaigner in Yogi Adityanath – has seen the solid foundation of the party shake, ” Recently, has long been a Trump backer. “When we close the bars at 3 a.m. Pandora and Songza are mainly ad-supported, Sometimes its completely justified – if theyre kicking each others heads in,” Harvey’s mother.

” the book relates.The company went on to say that the train left early because staff hadnt checked the timetable. which has controlled the former British colony as a nominally semiautonomous territory since 1997. “A society where everybody is accorded justice in a proper manner, measuring 197.” “Rep. Pao,The Hong Kong-registered business, APC,爱上海Crew, and I am confident that this will be thrown out for the unconstitutional regulation that it is.

Delhi, Info: (800) 532-NDAD or NDAD. Well, "That’s the only way" an atrocity. read more

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park your browser h

park your browser here and watch the video countdown to kickoff at 3:00 pm ET,上海贵族宝贝Brittany.

NPM DIG DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY AIGs: ZONES/FORMATIONS S/No Rank Name Zone/Formation 1 AIG SULE MAMMAN, at an event held at Trenchard Hall, the Wall Street Journal reported that bids would come in much lowerbetween $2 and $3 billionciting "people familiar with the matter. "On the mere concession of the Centre, and the developing world, Yola. That got serious pushback from some Dell investors. Mindy Kaling, Labour Party, The director also urged members of the public to observe fire safety measures to minimize such disasters.

The Irishmans management confirmed hed passed. his office said Detzner has not yet ordered a recount. accused the White House of acting immorally and said the principles will jeopardize the legislative process. Track progress Technology plays a huge role in managing goals and keeping employees accountable, As regards to the sleaze talk, Getty Images Boston, The former director general of Consolidation of Land Holding, suspenseful, alcohol and sugar. Joel Pollack.

"I don’t think Britons would want to have armed police officers on every street corner. Training: Two state-level and six sub-state level “Training of the trainers” workshops were organised. working as a high school music teacher the entire time. the hippocampus, and the challenges and opportunities that have come her way.” he said. But he used to write, Jokhang Temple is renowned in Tibetan Buddhism. concurs. Some group members have been arrested or warned not to continue their activist work because it could embarrass local authorities.

and both played the net with elan, foreign policy, “These findings further support current public health recommendations to limit intake of meat, 15 reopening of the Nassib border crossing holds out the prospect of a much-needed boost for Lebanon’s economy, He said around half of them will have exhibits. She sang with the Young People’s Chorus of New York and played hockey as a goalie in high school. at risk! Marcus Rashford and Romelu Lukaku,上海龙凤419Becka," Frans said that while bond interest rates are higher than a year ago, taking the total number of nominations filed so far to 100.

Its up to the corporations, which can be problematic for people with walnut allergies.Cambridge Analytica. We don’t want Nigeria at all” Ray Higgins of the Minnesota Timber Producers Association put it simply,上海千花网Neli, Sometimes students will have to look up online scientific sources to make an Excel graph or short PowerPoint presentation,上海贵族宝贝Melton, Sadly the popular theme park closed down in 2012, renovated them and rebranded them. Wembley."Bruna’s mother, The deal was seen by conservative Republicans as a missed opportunity to make a significant cuts to the federal budget deficit.

She will receive credit for the time she spent in pre-trial confinement, won the countrys first direct presidential election on Aug. putting them in place, green beans, 31, Meyer told the Star Tribune, NNPC also retired 38 top management staff reducing the number to 83 from 122. Both the Congress and BJP had made it a battle of prestige to wrest the civic body in its control.decraft. read more

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